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Feb 18 2024

Evaluations are March 10th

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Evaluations are as follows:


Huntington University, March 10th.

Times are as follows

2:30pm - BB Coaches Pitch & Senior League BB

3:30pm - SB Coaches Pitch & Senior League SB

4:30pm - SB National League

5:30pm - BB National and American League

TBall does not have evals.

If you played BB coaches pitch or SB (6-8) last year, you do not need to come to evals, you will remain on your team from last year. If you are new to either league, you will need to come to the eval.

All other leagues (except Tball) will need to come to evals as these leagues are starting from scratch due to the age changes with Little League. Any questions, please email

Please register online at before March 10th.

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